Hair Tutorial using FORM Beauty !


So I've currently been using FORM BEAUTY products on my hair and I absolutely love it! 

Not only is it a black-owned business, it WORKS!!! Swipe through to see magic happen 😘

Step 1: Wash Hair with the CLEANSE Shampoo

Step 2: Condition hair with the HYDRATE conditioner...(I like to add a bit extra to my ends) and rinse out. 

Step 3: Who doesn't want extra soft hair? Spray the MULTITASK Leave-in conditioner all over hair ...

Step 4: Do two strand twists with the DEFINE elongating curl creme, then roll it into a Bantu knots

Step 5: Air Dry or dry hair under a hood dryer .. make sure you have a good book with you :)

Step 6: Unravel your beautiful curls

Step 7: SLAY !!!